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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Machines that mimic nature Pulverizer that totally looks like Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Our client calls it the "Pulverizer" and use it to crush, break up and remove the steel bars from large pieces of concrete. They then sell the steel to recyclers and crush the remaining concrete pieces into road base and other usefull building materials.

So what kinds of teeth do you need to chew concrete all day ?
Molybdenum alloy steel.

Interesting facts about the Pulverisers Bite force compared to a few other animals.
Human bite 80 Kg (175 pounds)
Lion 270 Kg (600 Pounds)
Bear 545 Kg (1200 Pounds
Gorilla 590 Kg (1300 Pounds)
Hippopotamus 820 Kg (1800 Pounds)
Salt water Crocodile 1680 Kg (3700 pounds)
Tyrannosaur's Bite force estimated at 2200 Kg (5000 pounds)
Pulverizer's Bite 60,000 Kg (130,000 pounds) 

We are currently rebuilding the big jaw muscle (hydraulic cylinder) that generates this supper bite. 
Next blog on Youtube The Pulverizer in Action.

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