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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rebuild Cab Tilt Cylinder Hino Prime Mover.

Most heavy duty Prime Movers utilise a hydraulically operated Cab tilt cylinder to raise and lower the cab for access to the engine for regular inspection and or maintenance. 
These cylinders eventually start to leak and are generally according to the manufacturer a throwaway replacement item ususally costing between $600 and in this case for Hino Prime Mover $3000.

The high cost of the Hino cab tilt cylinder comes from the fact that it is very well designed and built with wonderfull hydraulic and mechanical safety interlocks and electrical limit switches.

Mobile HoseFixers and Hydraulics Gold Coast removed striped cleaned, resealed, reassembled and reinstalled the cab tilt cylinder within 24 hours and they did it all for around 15% of the price of a new cylinder.