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Monday, November 18, 2013

Marine is the flavor of the month

We had a run of marine related jobs this month firstly we replaced a couple of fuelines on a Tuna hardliner. 

Then a couple of new hoses and a steering bypass system on a 48 foot Reviera Fly bridge. 

And then some remote oil filter lines on Tug (a rare occurance on the Gold Coast)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Classic Ford Mustang RHD Power Steering and LHD Rack and Pinion Conversion

We recently completed two full installations of power steering pipes and hoses for Gold Coast Classic Mustangs in Helensvale. 
The first project was completed on a right hand drive conversion and involed the extensive used of Aeroflow fittings. The brief was very concise, "all hoses had to be "Braided Black " and all pipes, fittings and clamps be silver zinc plated or polished aluminium. Thankfully Aeroflow has an extensive range of hose and fittings and we ended up using their 250 series 3000 PSI 250 degree celcius 8.13mm ID Black Braided Teflon hose and polished aluminium 200 series Teflon Hose ends and Billet "P" clamps. 

The second project required fabricating and bending new pipes to match the factory pipes already installed on the new power assited Rack and Pinion steering assembly. 
"Gates" 3/8" ID GPS-188 1500 PSI 150 degree Celsius power steering hose and maching crimp fittings were used in this installation. 

On both projects, the hard piping comprised of 9.53mm OD x 1.63 mm wall Zinc plated cold drawn steel seamless tube manufactured by Stauff Germany. 

For all on site welding of hose adaptors to steel tubes we use MAP gas burners and 45% silver solder, this ensures high strength and smooth finishes.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ebay store up and running and monoblock valve installation.

After a slow start our ebay store (named "HoseMart" ) is gaining momentum. 
Our current listings include high pressure hydraulic hose in various sizes and lengths, water blasting hoses, dry break quick connect couplers, fine micron oil filters and the very popular Australian made Field Fit Reusable fittings. These fittings can be assembled onto a high pressure hose in the field with only a couple of spanners a bit of muscle and some oil for lubrication.  We currently ship items all over rural Australia and have even shipped to remote islands surrounding the Australian mainland including Tasmania.
We are adding new items to our ebay store regularly, coming soon, more quick connect / release couplers, oil tank level sight glass with built in temperature indicator and a very competitively priced hydraulic pump Flow and Pressure test kit which comes complete with hoses and adaptors for most applications. 

Below is a picture of a recent installation we completed on a very old skip bin truck. 
We replaced the old and very leaky directional control valve with a new monoblock control valve. 
We manufactured new hoses,  replaced the hydraulic oil, installed a good quality used pump and installed a 10 micron hydraulic oil return filter. the driver /operator of the bin truck is really happy with the results.
His comments "before I was loosing 5 liters of oil a day and could just lift a 1.5 ton skip I now have no leaks can lift a 4 ton skip with ease and i don't need a screw driver to operate the valve anymore"

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Steel Reinforcing Bar Upsetting Machine, High Pressure Piston Pump Siezure and Subsequent Modifications

Last week we finished rebuilding and redesigning a high pressure piston pump on a rebar upsetting machine that had seized a taper roller thrust bearing, This was due to insufficient lubrication and cooling of the bearing. 
We removed and replaced the damaged top taper roller bearing with a quality NSK bearing and modified the bearing housing so that some of the pump's return oil will always supply the bearing.
 Extreme heat caused major discolouration of the bearing and shaft. We estimate that temperatures at the bearing reached nearly 300 degrees Celsius and that the heat soak probably caused the shaft to reach around 200 degrees Celsius
As this bearing is mounted above the oil level it was probably running dry and most likely that is why it failed. Another probable cause of failure is the poorly designed preload system for this bearing.
In addition the original design returned high pressure relief valve oil to the tank via the bearing housing but this oil was also returned to the bearing housing below the bearing so it may only have received a splash of oil when very high pressure activated the relief valve.
We also added a 10 Micron Return Oil Filter to the hydraulic power pack because there was only a simple oil suction strainer originally installed. This means that the new bearing will have clean filtered oil supplied to it and the pump.

Mobile Hose Fixers and Hydraulics Gold Coast.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Rotary Coupling Manifold E45 Bobcat Excavator Remove and Reseal

Mobile HoseFixers Gold Coast removes, Reseals and Re installs Rotary Manifold on Bobcat E45 Excavator.
Have you ever wondered how the high pressure hydraulic oil (at 270 Bar 4000 PSI) that operates most of functions on an excavator can reach the track drive motors while at the same time the cab and entire top assembly (including counter weight and engine) can continue to rotate in either direction? 

Answer = a Rotary Manifold, Rotary Coupling or Joint. .

What is a Rotary Manifold ?
Simply explained a rotary Manifold is a large diameter shaft that rotates in a fixed high pressure cylinder. The cylinder has ports drilled along its length and the shaft is specially drilled and grooved to distribute the high pressure oil through to the ports drilled in the cylinder. Multiple seals and O rings are used to isolate each of the individual grooves machined into the shaft.

Total time including draining hydraulic oil tank disconnecting and reconnecting all hoses and testing, 7 hours. 
Special thanks to Tom and the Team at Clarke Equipment Gold Coast for support, info and spare parts. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Body Armour and Bullet Proof vests

We were recently asked to overhaul a 22 ton hydraulic press and to rectify some hydraulic oil leaks on a 200 ton press at a secure manufacturing facility.
This facility manufactures and then tests the body armour by firing ballistic projectiles of various calibre at them. By various calibre we mean bullets raging from 4mm to 22 mm tungsten tipped armour piercing ....mothers. We were literally blown away by this place!  The material used in the manufacture of the strike plates is a Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene  called "Dyneema" which has a strength for weight ratio that is 8 to 15 times stronger than steel.

Bullet Proof Vest

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Supercat 1000 HP Offshore Powerboat Racing

Last Week we completed the supply and installation of high pressure and high temperature Hydraulic Steering hoses with 316 Stainless Steel Fittings for Global Racing's 1000 horsepower Offshore Racing Supercat. Good Luck guys. First race in 17 days in Newcastle NSW Australia.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Off Shore Multi hulled racer

Latest project

It has over 1000 horse power (750 KW) , it does 120 miles per hour (200 KM/Hr) on water! It has two escape hatches one is up and one is down, It takes two skilled pilots to drive it flat out at 200 KM/Hr one to steer and one to control the 1000 horse power generated by the two big block V8 engines, It has two oxygen supplies one for each pilot, it looks wild and mean. Here is just a small taste of what's to come. Watch this blog!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Reseal of Boom Lift Cylinder from a Kobelco Excavator

We have been offering a hydraulic cylinder reseal and rebuild service for about three years now and we thought we would write about a particularly tough job we had in this week. 

Cylinders on earth moving equipment are designed to be STRONG and to work in the worst conditions imaginable, that is, in dirt, rocks, dust and mud and at pressures up to 270 BAR (4000 PSI).  So most cylinders will only come apart if you are equipped with all the special and necessary tools required to literally force these components apart.

This particular cylinder was off a 7 ton Kobelco excavator it had  completed about 4000 hours of work, it had a 100 mm Bore, 850 mm Stroke and 55mm Rod diameter.

Generally there are 2 parts where a large Force is required to dismantle a Hydraulic cylinder.

1. Unscrewing the Gland nut on the end of the cylinder. These usually come apart .... eventually with the use of a correctly sized "C" spanner (or Pinned Cam tool) and a long bar for leverage.
The exception are some Yanmar Cylinders that are made to such close tolerances that the threads usually seize or bind up after a turn or two, .... then... liberal amounts of heat (enough heat to usually melt the seals!) and lots force are required to unscrew them.

 2. Unscrewing the nut that holds the Piston onto the Piston Rod.
These nuts are usually done up extremely tight as the piston is the component that has very large forces acting on it in alternating directions of each in/out cycle of the cylinder.

On the Kobelco cylinder despite all our efforts (including heat) we could not undo the nut. The 300 KG steel bench was flexing and creaking under the strain! We could apply more force but we knew the bench could not handle it and would flip or tip over under the high torque we would need to apply. Bolting the bench to the floor was not an option as its construction was designed for weight not for large twisting forces.
Time was now a critical factor as the customer was picking up the cylinder the next day, So we quickly bolted a 2 meter long steel beam to the concrete floor and then bolted a 200 mm steel vise to it.   
We then tried again and our floor mounted beam and vice worked a treat!
By our calculations we applied around 4500 NM (3300 foot pounds) of torque to the nut before it came loose.  To put it into comparison the typical torque spec to properly seat a crankshaft balancer on the Chev LS1 V8 engine is 330 NM (240 foot pounds) of torque.
Cheers and all the best for 2013 !
From the team at Mobile HoseFixers and Hydraulics,
"Living the Dream" on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia.