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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nissan Turbo

Nissan Skyline R33 GTR
Generally hose kits purchased on line will have some problem. In this case the turbo feed line was too short and had to be pulled tight and routed through the middle on the turbo manifold. The product quality supplied was good but running any hose even high temperature braided Teflon hose will fail in a very short time . This is because although braided Teflon hose is rated to operate up to 260 degrees celsius a high performance turbo manifold will glow orange with heat at around 600 to 800 degrees Celsius. Only a solid steel line will survive at these temperatures but the oil in the pipeline will still boil and burn on engine shut down. We made a new line using 3/16 ID braided teflon and we always try and keep all hose and lines at least 80 mm away from exhaust manifolds and if possible place a heat shield between the manifold and the hose or wrap the hose or pipe in reflective aluminum. Does not always look very neat but its better to protect your turbo's bearings, expensive engine oil and engine don't you think? Also redone in 3/8 ID high temperature braided Teflon was one of the turbo water cooling lines and the fuel lines to and from the fuel injector rail and the rising rate fuel pressure regulator.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Confession of a road builder

Confession of a Road Builder
Interesting breakdown.
Equipment: Caterpillar 633 Elevating Scraper
Location, Gold Coast Australia.
Weather Conditions,  Getting Hotter and very clear and sunny!
Problem, Hydraulic Pipe to front right suspension system worn out at P Clip after many years of vibration and is now leaking  high pressure hydraulic oil through a small pinhole rupture.
The pipe is not visible as it is located between the front wheel fender and the suspension cylinder,
with other pipes above and below it. Removing front fender (that has been welded in place) to access P Clip and remove pipe in the time frame allowed is not an option as it is Friday afternoon and already half past beer time!
The client also confesses that we are the third company they have called in to attempt repairs.
Simple Solution disconnect pipe from both ends, slide along P Clip until rupture is found and confirmed, cut through pipe at rupture with fine tooth hacksaw blade, Remove both pieces of pipe (one piece from each end) and prepare to replace pipe with high pressure flexible hose and crimp on fittings. Now we normaly stock female O Ring face crimp on fittings in our service vehicles but males are not so readily available or used, so ...... cut of male fitting from removed pipe, clean up and weld (silver solder) it into a crimp on hose fitting (called a lifesaver), manufacture hose assembly and carefully install using new O rings, top up hydraulic tank with oil and test. Pack up, clean up and beer time!

Urgent Repair Request
Equipment: Bomag Tandem Heavy Roller.
Location Gold Coast West.
Breakdown description:
Replace Rear Hydraulic Hose to Vibrator Motor
Original hose recently replaced by another company was found to be just a little too short resulting in the hose rubbing on an internal frame member and eventually wearing through the hose's steel braid reinforcing.
Solution: Crimp one end (Metric Fittings) onto hose, refit to machine and accurately measure and cut hose to length ensuring that there is a clearance air gap all around the hose. We also used a tough cover hose for even more abrasion and wear resistance. Top up hydraulic tank with oil and test.
Customer very happy with Quick Response Mobile Service.

Bomag Heavy Tandem

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hose Fixing Marathon in continuous rain
We recently had a tough challege, to replace a blown track drive hose on a Caterpillar All Terrian Loader. The conditions were far from ideal with cool windy and very wet weather.

Mission, Remove, Manufacture and re-install blown high pressure track drive hose on Caterpillar 359B all terrain loader.
Location, Light Rail Project, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast Australia.
Weather Conditions, Cool with Continuous Rain.
Environment, Very soft, very wet and gritty with sand.
Status, Very Urgent.
Client V.I.P!
Special tools required, Franer Crane and lifting slings. (Many thanks to the Guys at Gold Coast Cranes)
Method, ground to soft for jacks so had to lift entire machine onto jack stands supported by large steel plate. Slacken track tension, remove track motor drive sprocket and front idler wheel and then pull off entire track. Tilt back cab to access hose manifold. loosen nuts from manifold and track motor and remove from machine. Manufacture new 4000 PSI 4 wire hose on site, re-install hose (with new O rings) , then track, then motor sprocket, then idler wheel, tension track and tilt cab back into position. Top up tank with hydraulic oil and test.
Total mission time 7 hours (including wait time for crane) .

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Project  = Coal Mining Industry

Requirements = Grease Distribution System for Pump Bearings and Seals.

System Design Life = 20 Years

Solution = Designed, fabricated and installed Stainless Steel Grease distribution manifolds with stainless steel tubing and fittings.

Coal Slurry Pumps 30 KW to 160 KW

Seal Flushing Sump Pumps 30 KW