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Monday, July 1, 2013

Rotary Coupling Manifold E45 Bobcat Excavator Remove and Reseal

Mobile HoseFixers Gold Coast removes, Reseals and Re installs Rotary Manifold on Bobcat E45 Excavator.
Have you ever wondered how the high pressure hydraulic oil (at 270 Bar 4000 PSI) that operates most of functions on an excavator can reach the track drive motors while at the same time the cab and entire top assembly (including counter weight and engine) can continue to rotate in either direction? 

Answer = a Rotary Manifold, Rotary Coupling or Joint. .

What is a Rotary Manifold ?
Simply explained a rotary Manifold is a large diameter shaft that rotates in a fixed high pressure cylinder. The cylinder has ports drilled along its length and the shaft is specially drilled and grooved to distribute the high pressure oil through to the ports drilled in the cylinder. Multiple seals and O rings are used to isolate each of the individual grooves machined into the shaft.

Total time including draining hydraulic oil tank disconnecting and reconnecting all hoses and testing, 7 hours. 
Special thanks to Tom and the Team at Clarke Equipment Gold Coast for support, info and spare parts. 


  1. How much leakage did you get in the static test.

  2. How much leakage did you get in the static test.