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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Confession of a road builder

Confession of a Road Builder
Interesting breakdown.
Equipment: Caterpillar 633 Elevating Scraper
Location, Gold Coast Australia.
Weather Conditions,  Getting Hotter and very clear and sunny!
Problem, Hydraulic Pipe to front right suspension system worn out at P Clip after many years of vibration and is now leaking  high pressure hydraulic oil through a small pinhole rupture.
The pipe is not visible as it is located between the front wheel fender and the suspension cylinder,
with other pipes above and below it. Removing front fender (that has been welded in place) to access P Clip and remove pipe in the time frame allowed is not an option as it is Friday afternoon and already half past beer time!
The client also confesses that we are the third company they have called in to attempt repairs.
Simple Solution disconnect pipe from both ends, slide along P Clip until rupture is found and confirmed, cut through pipe at rupture with fine tooth hacksaw blade, Remove both pieces of pipe (one piece from each end) and prepare to replace pipe with high pressure flexible hose and crimp on fittings. Now we normaly stock female O Ring face crimp on fittings in our service vehicles but males are not so readily available or used, so ...... cut of male fitting from removed pipe, clean up and weld (silver solder) it into a crimp on hose fitting (called a lifesaver), manufacture hose assembly and carefully install using new O rings, top up hydraulic tank with oil and test. Pack up, clean up and beer time!

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