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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mercedes Convertible and Saab Convertible Roof Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs.

Mobile Hose Fixers and Hydraulics Gold Coast have had re manufactured many hydraulic cylinders for various models of Mercedes Benz and Saab convertible.

Unlike the Holden Astra convertibles that usually have their High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses fail, the Mercedes Benz and Saab Convertible Models have failures of the High Pressure seals inside the linear actuators (Cylinders) that lift, move, close or lock the the roof in place.

Mercedes Benz SLK 


Typical larger Cylinder for Solid panel convertible roofs 
We have re sealed Cylinders large and small cylinders for the Mercedes Benz and Saab Convertible Roofs.
The High pressure Hoses are not usually a problem with these models but we have re manufactured new hoses,  installed them back into the vehicle, topped up the oil tank and reset the hydraulic system. 

 Mercedes Benz will only sell you a new Cylinder,  Saab may now not have any parts available for you. But you now know who can help you solve your convertible problems, 
We estimate that we would invoice around between $200 to $350 in labour to remove and install a single cylinder plus between $80 to $150 per unit to dismantle clean and reseal it . 
2004 Saab 9 3 Convertible 

Typical Soft top Convertible roof move / fold stretch cylinder 

Convertible latch or locking pin cylinder 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Hydraulic Hose Repairs 101, The Basics, Important questions to ask before Starting D.I.Y repairs.

Have you noticed Oil or Water leaking and pooling on the ground, or worst yet high pressure Oil has sprayed every where and made a mess of your engine bay or your customer's  property !?
Has your machine lost power? or just stopped working altogether !?
Repairs to Excavator with Pulveriser
attachment on demolition site

Having completed over 25,000 High Pressure Hose Repairs, please read on to find out how we can help, assist or guide you to quickly get your high pressure hose or pipe repaired or replaced and get you Back, on the Road, Out to Sea or Moving Earth. 

There are a few ways to repair a leaking high pressure hose. 
The best and safest way is to call us at Mobile HoseFixers and Hydraulics Gold Coast on 
(07) 5571 6155
However, having a mobile technician visit you is not always possible, practical or economical. 
When you contact us we will ask you a few important questions based on the Acronym S.T.A.M.P.E.D and then, based on your answers, formulate the best, quickest and most economical solution for you. 
Our solutions or options may include.
  • Sending one of our Mobile Service Technicians out to do the job for you.
  •  Arrange for you bring the hose or even the entire machine to our Gold Coast service center.
  • Us packing and sending you the parts or the completed hose assembly you need along with instructions to Do It Yourself (DIY).
S.T.A.M.P.E.D stands for 

S = Size, The size or more importantly the Hose Inside Diameter. 
Generally you will need to replace the original hose with one of the same inside diameter. On long runs of pressure wash hose for example we may recommend the next larger size available to maintain original design flow and pressure drop. 
Three (3 ) Hose Samples each with a different inside diameter
From top to bottom 1/4" (6.5 mm) 1/2" 12.7 mm and 1" (25.4 mm) 
 T = Temperature, The operating temperature is important in selecting suitable materials of Construction.
Four (4) Hose samples with their Maximum Continous Working Temperature
From Top to Bottom, Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Nylon 70 C°,
Steel Reinforced Synthetic Rubber 120 C°,
Steel Reinforced High Temp Synthetic Rubber 160 C°
 Stainless Steel Reinforced (PTFE ) Teflon 260 C°. 
A = Application. How, where and how often is the hose being used. Will it be exposed to the elements, abrasive environments, aggressive chemicals. 
Sea Lift, This Machine Drives down a ramp and into the sea and positions itself under large boats, it then raises up levels out and brings the boat up onto the shore for repairs and maintenance, it may do this task multiple times a day. 
M = Media, what type of fluid is flowing through your high pressure Hose? Water, Oil, Gas, Chemicals?

P = Pressure, The normal Operating Pressure is very important in ensuring the correct hose is selected for strength and durability. Generally we work with an industry recommended Burst to Working Pressure safety factor of 4 to 1.
4 Hose Samples with different materials of construction & Working Pressure Ratings.
From Left to Right ,Synthetic Fiber reinforced SAE 100R6 ,34 BAR (500 PSI)
1 layer braided steel wire SAE 100R1, 136 BAR (2000 PSI)
2 layers braided steel wire SAE 100R2, 275 BAR (4040 PSI)
4 layers spiral wound steel wire SAE 100R15 400 BAR (6000 PSI)

E = Ends, what connections are on each end of the hose. This is Very Important and can vary a lot depending intended application, working environment, how it is positioned and even on the machine's manufacturer or country of origin.  
Six 1/4" Hose Fittings from Left to Right
14 mm Metric Male, 9/16" JIC Male, 1/4" BSPT Male,1/4" BSPP Female Straight,
1/4" BSPP Female 45° Elbow, 1/4" BSPP Female 90° Elbow.      
D = Delivery, How are we going to get your hose leak sorted, and what tests and or special safety procedures will we/you carry out before, during and after final installation and commissioning ?
  •  Do we come to you?
  •  Do you take the hose off and bring to us? or 
  • Will you or can you bring the whole machine to us? or 
  • Will we pack and send the parts to you ready to assemble and install?